All Recruit Follows a structured approach to their recruitment of suitable Candidates, which comprises of the following:

  • Obtaining a job specification from the Client and gaining insight into the working environment in which the successful Candidate will operate.
  • Sourcing suitable Candidates, either from All Recruit’s existing database, or through active searching. 
  • Referring the curriculum vitae of suitable Candidates to the Client.
  • Arranging interviews for Candidates selected by the Client. 
  • Conducting reference checks on Candidates as and when required by the Client 
  • Coordinating aptitude and psychometric testing as and when required by the Client
  • Following up with both the Client and Candidate upon employment of the successful Candidate in order to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the appointment. 


All information concerning the Candidate supplied to the Client by All Recruit is done so in the strictest of confidence.
All Recruit Will not divulge any information to the Client or any other party without the Candidate’s prior written consent.

All Recruit
 Acknowledges the unique nature of the Client’s operations and therefore undertakes not to divulge any information received from the Client which may, in any way, compromise the Client’s market position or it’s potential as a Client/Employer/Candidate


All Recruit

You can get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.  Remember, we thrive on building relationships, so whether you are a client or candidate, we’d love to hear from you. 

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